Quiz of 2020

With more time at home than usual this year, we thought a ‘Quiz of the Year’ might help pass some time. To all our clients we’ve helped buy a house in 2020, we hope your first Christmas in your new home is memorable. To all our clients we’ve helped in thirty years, we hope this Christmas at home is as memorable as your first year there. Merry Christmas from all of us at Wallace Quinn – and here’s hopefully to a more straightforward 2021!

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  1. Have fun.
    2. No smartphones.
    3.  This should be a fun quiz, so Brexit related questions have been limited.
    4. 1 point for each answer in the main (calendar) quiz unless indicated.
    5.  There are 53 points in the calendar quiz.
    7.  In the event of any disagreement, the quizmaster’s decision is final.  Unless that decision could lead to a major family argument, potentially ruining Christmas.  In that case, a majority decision of all players should be used.
    8.   Fun team names are mandatory.  Here are some suggestions:  John Trivialta;  Les Quizerables;  Quiz Team Aguilera;  Otrivia Newton John;  Alternative Facts:  Risky Quizness;  Simple Minds; Quizard of Oz; Agatha Quiztie;  Quizzy McQuizface;  Quiztopher Bigwins;  Hoof Hearted;  No Game of Phones.

January 2020

  1. On 8 Jan, who announced they were stepping down from their high profile jobs later in 2020? (2pts)
  2. Name the Chinese city at the epicentre of Covid-19 that went into lockdown on 23 Jan?
  3. Name the Basketball star who died in a helicopter crash in California on 26th Jan?
  4. On 31 Jan, who was announced as QE2 in the final two series of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’?

February 2020

  1. Actor Kirk Douglas died on 5 Feb at what age?
  2. On 7 Feb, ‘Coronation Street’ marked a milestone with what number of episodes broadcast?
  3. On Feb 9, a BA 747 crossed the Atlantic in the fastest ever sub-sonic time for a passenger jet.To the nearest 20 minutes, how long did the flight last?
  4. Both the UK Chancellor and Scottish Finance Secretary resigned in Feb – can you name both? (2pts)

March 2020

  1. Which Exeter based airline when into Administration and ceased trading on 5 March?
  2. On 19 Mar the Bank of England set interest rates to the lowest in 325 years. What % rate did it set?
  3. A national Coronavirus lockdown began in the United Kingdom. On what date did it start?
  4. Which member of the Royal Family tested positive for Coronavirus on 25 March?

Where was DC on 12 Apr?

April 2020

  1. What wartime song lyric featured in a speech delivered by the Queen to the nation on 5 Apr?
  2. Where was Dominic Cummings that he shouldn’t have been on 12 Apr?
  3. Wilfred Laurie Nicholas was born on 29 Apr in London – who is his famous dad?
  4. What is the name of the temporary hospital opened in the SECC in Glasgow on 30 Apr?

May 2020

  1. The first trials of an NHS Contact Tracing app were held on which British island, starting on 5 May?
  2. On 18 May, What two symptoms were added to the list of possible Covid symptoms?
  3. Name the man killed in Minneapolis on 25 May, whose death sparked protests around the world? (2pts)
  4. On 30 May, which company launched astronauts from American soil for the first time since 2011?

June 2020

  1. who was toppled into Bristol Harbour?

    Name the 19th century merchant whose statue was toppled into Bristol Harbour on 7 Jun?

  2. What 1939 film was briefly removed from HBO Max on 10 Jun due to sensitivities around its racial prejudices?
  3. Which football team won the English Premiership for the first time in 30 years on 25 Jun?
  4. Michael Martin became Prime Minister of which European country on 28 Jun?

July 2020

  1. What became legal on British roads from 4th Jul?
  2. Which former British Army officer was knighted not long after his 100th birthday on 17 July?
  3. Which royal princess married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on 17 Jul?
  4. After 93 editions and over one billion copies produced, it was announced that what staple of the British High Street was to cease publication?

August 2020

  1. 204 people died after a huge explosion in a port storage area of which Mediterranean city on 4 Aug?
  2. Near to which Scottish town did a train derail on 12 Aug with 3 of the 9 passengers losing their lives?
  3. On 20 Aug, a UK Government report advised that where would take until 2333 to be safe for reuse?
  4. On 26 Aug, who became the first person ever to have a personal wealth exceeding $200 billion?

September 2020

  1. On 4 Sep, Pope Benedict XIV became the longest lived Pope ever – how old is he?
  2. On 10 Sep, which former Bond Girl and Stirling University Chancellor died, aged 82, in London?
  3. Name the US Supreme Court Justice, initials RBG, who died on 18th September?
  4. On 29 Sep, where was Margaret Ferrier MP that she shouldn’t have been?

October 2020

  1. What was found on the moon?

    What did British Airways retire from service on 7 Oct?

  2. On 23 Oct, the Falkland Islands were declared free of what, 28 years after the war with Argentina ended?
  3. On 26 Oct, what did NASA announce they had found on the moon?
  4. Sean Connery died, aged 90, on 31 Oct. What’s his real first name – Thomas, John, or James?

November 2020

  1. The US election was held on 3 Nov. Who were the Vice-Presidential candidates for both the main parties? (2pts)
  2. Which two companies unveiled the first working Covid-19 vaccine on 9 Nov? (2pts)
  3. Who did Scotland beat on 12 Nov reach the finals of the 2020 Euro Men’s Football Finals?
  4. Lewis Hamilton won the F1 World Championship on 15 Nov. How many times has he won it in total?

December 2020

  1. On 1 Dec, which British retailer announced it was likely to be liquidated putting 12,000 jobs at risk?
  2. Released on 4 Dec, ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ featured the last performance of which actor who passed away in Aug?
  3. On 8 Dec, who became the first person to receive a publicly available Covid-19 vaccination?
  4. On 12 Dec, which Christmas song finally reached the top of the UK charts, 26 years after first being released?


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