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Will Services Scotland joined the Wallace Quinn family in 2021.

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LEgal advice for families

Whilst it may be uncomfortable to talk about, there are moments in your life with a partner where legal advice can be helpful or necessary.

Co-habitation agreement

Our laws have evolved over hundreds of years and for much of that time, marriage was the primary way that two people entered a contract, which brought certain legal entitlements and responsibilities.
In the twenty first century, there are many more ways in which people can choose to share their lives together, but as is often the case, the law sometimes plays catch up with social change.
A co-habitation agreement is a bespoke contract that sets out the entitlements and responsibilities for any couple (heterosexual or homosexual) who choose to live together, but don’t get married. It can be a useful contract when dealing with matters such as property or benefits.


Nobody likes to consider it, but what would you do if you were to split up with your spouse? There are over 8000 divorces in Scotland every year.
It is easy to forget in the whirlwind of a recent engagement or planning a wedding that a marriage is, from the state’s perspective, a contract between two people. Both of you will bring assets into that contract and acquire new assets during your life together. A pre-nuptial agreement considers what will happen to these assets if that contract needs to end.


One of the most difficult issues you might have to face in life is the breakdown of your marriage. It is an emotional rollercoaster which is often compounded by not knowing where to start or what’s involved in the legal process. We will work with you to help you choose the most appropriate path for your circumstances. Every situation is different, so get in touch for a conversation.

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