Business Acquisition / Sale

Whether you are thinking of buying or selling a business, at Wallace Quinn we help our clients work out where the value lies and what a suitable price should be. We also ensure that there are no skeletons lurking in a cupboard by performing due diligence on any deal to ensure it is fair and equitable.

Generally businesses consist of property, assets and goodwill.

Property is the most straightforward to value as it is the easiest to define.

Assets can be anything from the stock on the shelves to the domain name of the company website. If you run a small food business called “the Wallace Quinn Café” but have a website called, there would likely be a great deal of value in the domain name. We help our clients accurately value their assets.

Goodwill is that part of a business which is straightforward to describe but extremely difficult to define. It is the value of your good name, your reputation and the habits of your customers that keep them coming back to you. If you were asked to name the top three cafes in your area, goodwill is the reason your top choice is your top choice.

At Wallace Quinn, we have had twenty five years of helping small businesses, family businesses and franchises change hands. From dentists to nurseries, letting agents to engineering firms, we can ensure the process of buying or selling a business is straightforward. Contact us to find out more.