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Will Services Scotland joined the Wallace Quinn family in 2021.


Why do I need a will?

Most of us agree that preparing a Will is a sensible and necessary step. However, not everybody gets around to acting on this knowledge and creating a Will before they die. Don’t leave it to your family to sort out – get in touch now and let us help you help them.

What happens if I die without a will?

If you die without a Will, then the government will by applying the law of intestacy effectively write it for you using a generic set of rules that apply to everybody. Almost certainly the consequences of this process will not reflect the choices you would have made yourself.

The five key elements of our standard Scottish Wills are:

The appointment of trusted executors for your estate

Specific legacies – what do you want to leave to whom?

General beneficiaires – what do you want to happen to everything else?
Funeral Requests – avoid distressing family arguments and set out what you want

Children under 16 – who would you like to appoint legal guardian

A Wallace Quinn drafted Will ensures your estate is distributed efficiently, carefully and accurately. Your heirs deserve nothing less.

What if your partner remarries and he/she has a will leaving everything to his/her new partner? Your intention might be that your children eventually inherit, say, the family home, but in this example it would go to your spouse’s new partner and he/she could leave it to whomever they wish on their death. We can create a Protective Property provision in your will which maps out a solution where your children eventually inherit your part of the family home.

Inheritance Tax planning may be a consideration. For example, all of us have an allowance of £325,000 before any inheritance tax is due. If you are married or in a civil partnership, then these allowances are combined. However for unmarried partners this allowance dies with them leaving the surviving partners with only their allowance. An Inheritance Tax Will can protect the first person’s allowance in full.

Will storage with free updates

We provide secure, fire and flood proof document storage for Wills, ensuring your executors are able to reliably access your Will.  

As part of our document storage service, our clients benefit from an unlimited free Will updating services, which ensures their Wills always reflect their current circumstances.  

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