Wallace Quinn employee Karter Kane has left us to undertake an exciting volunteering opportunity in Malawi.  Twenty one year old Karter and her boyfriend are off to volunteer at a school on the shores of Lake Malawi for eight weeks before beginning an African and Asian backpacking adventure.

Karter says,

“I’ve loved my time here at Wallace Quinn since finishing my law degree but I’m only twenty-one and still a bit restless to see some of the world before considering training to become a solicitor.   I’ve always been drawn to volunteering and found an organisation called ‘Naturally Africa Volunteers’ who are looking for people to help in schools.  Malawi is a stable country that has a lot of poverty and needs a lot of help.  It’s not uncommon for teachers to have classes with up to 150 pupils, so they rely on volunteers to help deliver a better quality of education.  I’m currently doing an online teaching course to help me teach English as a foreign language, but I’ll also helpfully be helping out with some maths and sciences and some history as well.”

Karter also hopes to help teach the kids a hobby she particularly enjoys herself.  Karter says,

“The two main sports in Malawi seem to be football and netball.  I’ve played netball for years and have even done some coaching in the sport here in Scotland, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to either help with an after school netball club or start one at the school I’ll be volunteering with.   There are also popular ‘library clubs’ after school that try and instil a lifelong love of reading and I’ll definitely be up for helping with that”.

“I’ve been in touch with the charity coordinators to see what books I can take with me and I’ll also take some netball equipment.  Basically, whatever we can fit in an extra suitcase for the flight over.  We’ll also take some stationary because even basic things like pencils and notebooks are in short supply’.

After Karter’s two months in Malawi, she’s off to tour South Africa before continuing her backpacking adventure in Hong Kong and then seeing wherever the wanderlust takes her.  The rest of us at Wallace Quinn are more than a little jealous of what sounds like an exciting and worthwhile adventure.

Good luck Karter – we can’t wait to see the pictures when you get back.