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At Wallace Quinn, we work with Keys Estate Agents to market and sell property in Glasgow and the west. Staging is a property marketing service offered by Keys and is great if you want your property to come alive in pictures and at viewings in a crowded market.

What is staging?

Home buyers, when viewing property online or in person, like to imagine themselves living there.  Staging helps do this by showcasing the best assets of a property and defining the purpose of each room and each space within a room.  We all like to dress to impress – staging does the same for property and maximises the sale result.

A Key Estage Agency staged living room

What type of properties benefit from staging?

All of them!

If you’re selling an unfurnished property, it can be difficult for viewers to see past what empty rooms fundamentally are – different sized boxes with windows.  Rooms that have recently been emptied can leave echoes of departed furniture through marks on the wall or faded patches on the carpet.  Staging can solve this problem.

In furnished properties, it can be difficult for viewers to see past outdated or mismatched furniture.  Staging can help define each room and give every space a purpose.

It’s important to note that staging a property for sale is different to decorating the property you live in.  You’ll have pictures of family, pieces of furniture, mementoes and accessories that personalise a space for you.  All of these items help potential buyers imagine YOU living there – we want them to imagine THEMSELVES living there.  Staging helps to declutter, depersonalise and define properties to appeal to the widest possible market.

A Key Estage Agency staged bedroom

How does staging work?

Keys team of designers will design a look for your property and then source and install everything from the furniture to the pictures on the wall and pot plants on the shelving.  For empty properties, this will involve bringing in everything;  for furnished properties we will assess what is there and either enhance or replace as necessary.   You’ll ‘rent’ everything required until the property sells – which for staged properties is definitely quicker and for a higher price.

Once staged, we’ll bring in a photographer and videographer to capture high quality images and videos for your marketing material.  Once the property is sold, we’ll return and remove everything ready for the new buyer to move in.

Keys Managing Director Pam McLeman says,

‘We highly recommend staging your empty property, bringing it to life and helping buyers experience the atmosphere created by the heart of soul of ‘Staging 610 by Keys’.

I’d like to find out more

If you’ve ever been in a new development show home, you’ll have seen staging in action.  It gives every room a ‘wow’ factor and helps you see the potential of every square foot of a property.  It fires the imagine and builds a connection with potential buyers. Once they can imagine themselves living there, you’re a lot closer to a profitable sale.

If you’d like to discuss how staging can help your property, get in touch by filling in the form on this page (select ‘estate agency’) and lets have a conversation.

A Key Estage Agency staged hallway

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