Quiz of 2021

Rather than a Christmas card, for the second year we thought a ‘Quiz of the Year’ might help pass some time with family and friends, in person or over zoom, this festive season.  To all our clients, colleagues and friends, Merry Christmas from all of us at Wallace Quinn and here’s to, hopefully, a more straightforward 2022!

Click here for a printable version of the quiz.


1. Have fun.
2. No smartphones.
3. 1 point for each answer in the main (calendar) quiz unless indicated.
4. There are 64 points in the calendar quiz.
5. In the event of any disagreement, the quizmaster’s decision is final.  Unless that decision could lead to a major family argument, potentially ruining Christmas.  In that case, a majority decision of all players should be used.
6. Fun team names are mandatory.  Here are some suggestions:  Professor Quiz Whitty, John Trivialta;  Les Quizerables;  Quiz Team Aguilera;  Otrivia Newton John;  Alternative Facts:  Risky Quizness;  Simple Minds; Quizard of Oz; Agatha Quiztie;  Quizzy McQuizface;  Quiztopher Bigwins;  Hoof Hearted;  No Game of Phones.

January 2021

Who is the world’s richest individual?

1 Rioters stormed which Washington building on 6th Jan?

2 Who became American Vice-President on 20th Jan?

3 The Debenhams brand was bought by which fashion company?

4 Who became the world’s richest individual, with a fortune of £136 billion, on 7 Jan?

February 2021 

1 A Coup in which country on 1 Feb removed Aung San Sui Kyi from power?

2 On 19 Feb the UK Supreme court ruled drivers for which company had ‘worker status’?

3 Captain Sir Tom Moore died on 2 Feb.  How many laps of his garden did he complete for charity?

4 A meeting of which parish council made a star of clerk Jackie Weaver when it went viral on Twitter in Feb?

March 2021

1 Container ship ‘Ever Given’ blocked which trade route on 23 Mar?

2 Which couple gave a revealing interview to Oprah on 7 Mar?

3 the murder of whom sparked debate about the role of police in UK society?

4 The UK Government commissioned a feasibility study into what controversial infrastructure project?

April 2021 

How many breakaway football teams do you remember?

1 Hideki Matsuyama became the first Japanese man to win a Major tournament in which sport?

2 Prince Philip died on 9 April. On which Greek island was he born 99 years earlier?

3 Helicopter ‘Ingenuity’ took the first ever flight where on 19 April?

4 Who were the six UK football teams that tried to join a ‘European Super League’ in April? (6pts)

May 2021 

1 Who represented the UK at Eurovision on 22 May and how many points did he get? (2pts)

2 A Ryanair flight was forced to land in which European country to allow Government forces to arrest a journalist on 23 May?

3 Who stepped down as Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament after the election on 6th May?

4 The cast of which popular 90s sitcom got together on screen for the first time for a reunion show and what was the name of the show’s Barista played my James Michael Tyler, who died on 24 Oct? (2pts)

June 2021

1 Alan Turing was immortalised on which denomination of UK banknote on 23 Jun?

2 Who took over as host of Channel Four’s ‘Countdown’ in June?

3 What was held at Cornwall’s Carbis Bay from 11-13 June?

4 What’s the name of the TV channel launched by Andrew Neil 0n 13 June?

July 2021 

1 Which British City lost its UNESCO World Heritage status due to development of its waterfront?

2 Wally Funk finally made it to where alongside Jeff Bezos on 20 July?

3 The Covid delayed Olympic Games opened in which city on 24 July?

4 Which sporting event has an estimated 31 million viewers on 11 Jul, the 4th most watched event ever in the UK?  And for three bonus points what are the top three most watched events in UK TV history? (4pts)

August 2021

1 Which member of the Rolling Stones died on 24 Aug?

2 US Troops pulled out of which country, 20 years after first going in?

3 Which ‘Ballon d’Or’ winning footballer left Barcelona FC after twenty years?

4 140,000 people signed a petition urging the UK Government to save Geronimo after he tested positive for bovine TB.  What type of exotic animal was Geronimo?

September 2021 

1 How old was Emma Raducanu when she won the US Open on 11th Sep?

2 El Salvador became the first country to accept what cryptocurrency on 7 Sep?

3 Which three nations upset France by setting up the AUKUS pact on 15 Sep? (3pts)

4 Sir Clive Sinclair passed away on 16 September.  In what year did he launch his C5 electric vehicle?

October 2021 

1 Which town was elevated to city status by the Queen, as a tribute to murdered MP Sir David Amess on 18 Oct?

2 The bankrupt flag carrying airline of which country made its final flight on 15 Oct?

3 The limit for contactless payment increased to what amount in the UK on 15 Oct?

4 On 6 Oct, the World Health Organisation endorsed Mosquirix, the first vaccine for what disease?

November 2021 

1 COP26 closed in Glasgow on 12 Nov. What does COP stand for?

2 What was the name of the storm that caused severe damage to the power grid in Scotland?

3 Which Caribbean island became the world’s newest republic on 30 Nov?

4 In which country was the ‘Omicron’ variant of Covid-19 first detected on 9 Nov?


How many LadBaby hits can you remember?

December 2021 

1 Which Downing Street staffer resigned hours after a leaked video talking about possible responses to Christmas parties?

2 Who won this year’s Formula One World Championship on the final lap of the final race of the season, and where was the race held? (2pts)

3 ‘Ladbaby’ released their fourth annual single looking to become the UK Christmas Number One.  Name all four of their hits. (4pts)


ANSWERS: JAN Capitol; Kamala Harris; BooHoo; Elon Musk FEB Myanmar; Uber; 100 laps; Handforth MARSuez Canal; Harry and Meghan; Sarah Everard; Scotland-NI bridge APR Golf (the Masters); Corfu; Mars; Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs MAY James Newman, nil points; Belarus; Ken Macintosh; Friends, Gunther JUN £50; Anne Robinson; G7 Summit; GB News JUL Liverpool; space; Toyko; Euro football final (1 1966 world cup final 2 Princess Diana Funeral 3 1969 Royal Family documentary AUG Charlie Watts; Afghanistan; Lionel Messi; Alpaca SEP 18; Bitcoin; Australia, UK, USA; 1985 OCT Southend; Italy (Alitalia); £100; Malaria NOV Conference of the Parties; Storm Arwen; Barbados; South Africa DEC Allegra Stratton; Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi; ‘We build this city on sausage rolls’, I love Sausage Rolls’, ‘Don’t stop eatin’, ‘Sausage rolls for everyone’


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