Funeral Plans

If your partner died tomorrow, would you know what type of funeral they wanted? Does your partner know what type of funeral you want? Most of us don’t like to think about death, but many of us have had to deal with the consequences of the death of a loved one – and in these situations we are called on to make decisions when grief is already clouding our thoughts.

You can take away this burden from your family by arranging and paying for your funeral before you die. You choose every aspect, from the coffin to the music at the ceremony and you pay what it would cost today. This money is then invested in a trust fund regulated by the Financial Services Authority and the funeral you choose will be the funeral you receive, regardless of how costs rise in the future. Funerals have increased by an average of 80% since 2004 – well above the cost of inflation.

At Wallace Quinn, we can help you make all of the arrangements and ensure that your family are shielded from difficult decisions while your wishes are carried out to the letter.