john Quinn

john Quinn

John Quinn was one of the founding partners of Wallace Quinn back in 1990.  We caught up with him recently for a few questions:

What’s it like being The Boss?

“I suppose I’ve just gotten used to it. It’s nice to have started the firm up and to have a level of control.  I’m very proud when I look back to what we’ve created – from nothing really – to a staff of 18 delivering a great standard of legal services in a straight forward, no nonsense basis to clients throughout Scotland”

Did you think you’d end up owning your own firm?

“I always believed I’d end up running my own legal firm. I qualified as a solicitor in 1985 and back then I worked for a lawyer who’d only recently set up his own firm so I thought, I can do that too – it all just seemed to easy and straight forward.”

What do you enjoy most about being a lawyer?

“The thing I like most about being a lawyer is the opportunity to work with my clients. I really enjoy the client interaction and getting my teeth into solving problems for clients. I like the language as well as running the business. I’m not particularly fond of the paperwork and some of the transactional work – but it all comes with the territory.”

What’s your philosophy in dealing with clients?

“I always believe that we should treat clients with courtesy – treat them as you would want them to treat you. I know when clients go to a lawyer, it’s usually in relation to a stressful situation.  I try to make sure we make their journey through the case or transaction as smooth and straight-forward as possible, keeping hassles to a minimum. If there’s a problem, we always try to resolve it with as little fuss as possible and we make sure we explain what the problem is to our client.
Clients are people – they’re not numbers – and it’s our job to look after their interests.”

What do you do to switch off?

“I love to play loads of golf in my spare time. I play 5-a-side football – it’s an “old guys” team but I console myself with being one of the youngest in the team! I like going to watch football as well. I read now and again – but probably not as much as I should.”

You can contact John by calling 0141 771 5879 or by clicking here to email him.