Blog – Why NOW is the time to sell a property

young couple showing off keys to house If you’re thinking of selling your property, now is most definitely the time to be discussing this with our Estate Agency team.  At Wallace Quinn we offer a full estate agency and conveyancing service, meaning we offer clients a one-stop shop for every step of the house-sale process.  We work with Keys Estate Agents and the ESPC to offer a top-class valuation and marketing service, with our in-house solicitors delivering a fast and hassle-free conveyancing service.

Here’s some of the reasons you should be picking up the phone or completing the contact form at the foot of this page and taking the next step on your property journey.

written by Chris Kane, Sep 2020

The Market is Open For Business


All trades and businesses involved in house moves and sales have been working incredibly hard in recent weeks to put in place measures to allow them to operate in a Covid-safe way, which means the market is now operating well.


Demand is back


We have seen quite a surge in the second-hand property market, as all of the pent-up demand of the last six months has been unleashed at once.  We’re seeing an unprecedented number of enquiries from people looking to move.


Supply Is low


Quite simply, there are more buyers out there looking than there are properties available to buy.  This means much more interest in the properties on the market, which in turn is leading to good prices and quicker sales than we would normally expect at this time of year.


Mortgage Rates are low


Interest rates are the lowest they have ever been in 400 years at just 0.1%.  This means mortgage rates are also historically low and that makes the prospect of borrowing more to move home appealing to many buyers.


First Home Fund


The Scottish Government’s First Home Fund is a £200 million pot of money which can give first time buyers up to £25,000 towards their first property using a shared equity scheme.  Unlike the popular ‘Help to Buy (Scotland)’, the ‘First Home Fund’ is also available for second-hand property purchases and is definitely giving a boost to the market.


Changing Demands


Months of lockdown has had a profound impact on how we view and use the space we call home.   With many more people living AND working from home, many have begun to reassess what they need from a property, with outdoor space and home offices now high on the wish-list of property hunters.  People who perhaps wouldn’t have dreamed of moving at the start of the year are now serious potential purchasers.


Ready to find out more?


If you’re ready to sell your property and would like to discuss what’s involved and get a quote for our services, complete this form and one of our team will get back in touch with you within one working day.

If you are looking to buy property and there is a closing date in the next 24 hours, please telephone to discuss


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