Living Wills

Doctors need your consent to do anything to your body – from relatively mundane activities such as taking an x-ray, to hugely invasive operations and procedures. Before undertaking any activity, your doctor will sit down with you and explain the risks and benefits before asking you to make the final decision on whether to proceed or not.

But if you were unable to take part in that discussion. What if you were in a coma and unable to respond? What if you had a condition that meant you would deteriorate to the point you were unable to make an educated choice?

At the point you are unable to express your own mind, the doctors and your close family would be in an agonising position unless you had made your thoughts clear in a Living Will.

Livings wills are more accurately referred to as “Advance Medical Directives”. Such directives deal with one key issue – what care you wish to receive from the medical profession. It can related to all future treatment, not just matters which are immediately life threatening. While you are able to express yourself however, the document will never override your ability to communicate in person.

In Scotland a Living Will can be overruled by the courts, but this is unlikely if it has been drafted in a way which clearly expresses your wishes without any ambiguity, and it is clear that you were sound mental capacity when making it.

Whether you have strong moral, ethical or religious grounds for requiring a Living Will, or you simply have strong views on what you wish to happen to your body in the future, a Living Will can help your loved ones and your doctors understand what you want.

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