Contractual Disputes and Court Work

Whether it be with a credit card company or a DVD rental company, we enter into many contracts with suppliers in our lives. More often than not, these contracts proceed without any problem. Occasionally, things go wrong. . Whether you think the builder of your house extension isn’t delivering what they promised, or your garage has damaged your car while it was in for a service, at Wallace Quinn, we can help with any contractual dispute you have, no matter the supplier with whom you are having an issue.

Although we try to avoid disputes going to court, there are situations where it becomes unavoidable. It may be that we are forced to seek a resolution through the court – perhaps you have fallen out with a neighbour over a shared property boundary and have exhausted all other options. Perhaps it is not your choice to go to court – all of us can fall on hard times and for unexpected reasons at unexpected times. If you’re being pursued for debt recovery, if your house is being threatened with repossession, or if you are being sued, we can assist you.

Every case that ends up in court is unique – if you are worried about anything at all, or simply have questions in order to better understand your options, get in touch with us here at Wallace Quinn.