Our Fees Explained

The legal transfer of property from one party to another is known as conveyancing.  There are a number of charges associated with conveyancing, which become payable at the conclusion of the process.

When you appoint a solicitor, he or she will charge you a fee for his or her time.  However, there are additional charges – we call them outlays – which incur charges.  No matter what solicitor you appoint, these additional charges will be the same.

Outlays include a “Land Registry Tax”; this is the register that legally recognises the property belongs to you.   There is also the “Land and Buildings Transaction Tax” (which replaced Stamp Duty) levied by the Scottish Government.

At Wallace Quinn, the current charge for our services is £399+VAT + OUTLAYS.  Whether we need to speak to your mortgage provider once or dozens of times, whether you have one question or a hundred, our fee does not change.

We’ll always give you a personalised quote itemising EVERYTHING you will have to pay.  If you’re comparing the prices of different solicitors, it pays to check you’re comparing like for like.  Remember our fee is FIXED at £399+VAT+OUTLAYS rather than “starting from” £399.

The only exception is when you are using Help to Buy (Scotland).  Because there are three parties involved in the same (you, the seller and the Scottish Government), our Help to Buy fees are fixed at £599+VAT+OUTLAYS

If for any reason the sale falls through, you will pay nothing for any work carried out by Wallace Quinn.