Amy Ieropoulos

Amy Ieropoulos

Amy Ieropoulos is an Associate Solicitor based in our Livingston office.  Amy brings a wealth of experience which benefits all clients.

We caught up recently with Amy and asked her about her career in the law so far.

When asked about her decision to become a solicitor Amy said:

“when myself and my sister were at school, my mum one day mentioned that she’s always wanted to be a lawyer. That got us both thinking about what we wanted to do in the future and I think we both made the decision that day that we would become lawyers – and we both have”!

We asked Amy about her biggest challenges in business today. Amy said,

“I don’t believe you can just be a lawyer- you need to be a business person too. You have to understand your clients’ needs and build relationships with them as well as collaborating with others to help build the business. The days of lawyers simply sitting in their offices waiting for business to walk through the door are long gone”.

Being a lawyer is a challenging job and we asked Amy what she enjoyed most about it. Amy said

“I really enjoy the happiness my conveyancing clients have when they move into their new house- it’s an exciting time for them and my job is to try to make the whole process as seamless as possible for them. When I act for business clients, I enjoy learning about their business and their aspirations for it. Being mindful of what my business clients want to achieve helps me focus my advice with their needs in mind”

Looking to the future, we asked Amy to give us her views.  Her response didn’t come as any surprise.

“Brexit is in everyone’s lips at the moment. The uncertainty around it is making people jittery and nobody really knows how it’s going to end up. This is particularly unhelpful for my business clients as, whatever the Brexit outcome, it might disrupt their plans for the future.

Finally, we asked Amy what she does when she’s not at work. She says,

“I have three young children who are all pre-school. They take up all of my time when I’m not in the office – so extreme sports are completely out of the question at the moment”!

If you’d like to contact Amy, give her a call at the Livingston office. You can reach her on 01506 353400 or click here to email her.