Re-mortgaging your home

A remortgage means taking out a new mortgage on a property you already own.   You might need a remortgage for a number of reasons, including:

Your existing mortgage deal is about to end.  Many of the best fixed rate, tracker rate or variable rate mortgages rates only last for 2-5 years.

The value of your property has risen significantly.  Many mortgage lenders offer their best rates when the loan-to-value rate means the mortgage is a lower proportion of the total property value.

You want to borrow more money.  You might want to build an extension or replace your kitchen or make general improvements to your home

Your circumstances have changed.  

Wallace Quinn are here to help with your remortgaging needs

Wallace Quinn are not financial advisors, but we can point you in the direction of an IFA if you need to arrange a remortgage.  Once you have found the remortgage for you, the lender will instruct you to appoint a solicitor to handle the legal fees.

That’s when Wallace Quinn spring into action and ensure the process is conducted smoothly, efficiently and as quick as possible.

With fixed fee legal costs, you’ll know exactly how much to budget for arranging your remortgage before the process starts.