Since the Covid-19 restrictions have been in place, there are number of questions we’re being asked frequently by our clients.  We thought it helpful if we started to list our answers online and we’ll update this page as necessary.

Are you still open for business?

Definitely!  The conveyancing market has slowed to a crawl but it is still operating.  Wallace Quinn are open for business and we’re taking new instructions to buy and sell property.  You can get in touch with us via our website at and you can get a real time quote for the legal costs involved in buying new build property at

I’ve just bought a new property but want to stay in my existing property until the lockdown is lifted.  Can I still do that?

The Government is advising everybody who can put off moving to do so until the current restrictions are lifted.  It all depends on individual circumstances.  If you’ve bought a new build property you don’t have to move in just because you’ve got the keys.  However you may have somebody desperate to get into the property you’ve sold, or you may have handed notice on a rented property.  Speak to your landlord or the buyer and see if you can reach an agreement or ask your solicitor for advise and help.

Can I still apply for Scottish Government schemes like Help To Buy?

Yes, if you were eligible for a scheme before the lockdown, you are still eligible now.  But recognise that everything is taking a lot longer to process, including the government schemes such as Help to Buy Scotland and the First Home Fund.

Will Estate Agents still value property and can I still get a Home Report for a property I want to sell?

Many Estate Agents are looking to undertake digital valuations where you walk them through your house using Facetime or Skype.   Surveyors are also scratching their heads at the moment trying to see if they can put digital solutions in place, but nothing has been agreed yet.  If you haven’t yet put your property on the market, you might want to spend the next few weeks tidying up the garden or painting the walls.  When you do sell, there are jobs like cleaning out the attic you’ll have to get around to – why not do them now.

What is the Land Register and what has happened to it?

The Land Register is the computer system that lists every bit of land in Scotland and who owns it. It is a legal requirement that this is updated as soon as possible after your sale concludes.  At the end of March, the Registers of Scotland closed the register to applications because they were sending staff home and there wasn’t a digital solution for the register.  Since then, they’ve been working with the Law Society and have got it reopened in a limited capacity and are working on a digital solution to fully reopen it.